About us

Tapet & Co - represents an aspiration towards convenience and comfort. The desire of changes and  the latest generation deployments. Tapet & Co company is the official and exclusive highly regarded brand in the sphere of the interior design. Tapet & Co company presents design products and decorated walls, as wel as the assortment of products includes fabrics - the main components for making draperies and upholstering furniture.

Within our saloon, you will find any solution to any decision for your Interior. Important is that we have a particular connection with leading designers and our product assortment is constantly supplemented with new ideas. Here you will get full and competent information in taking the right decision about the outfit of one or more rooms. Interior design is often associated with many questions and misunderstandings, identifying a distinct variety of solutions. Since the decoration of the walls is a special stage in interior design.

We have a wide variety of wallpapers with different shades and textures. So all this together have a colossal effect, both for tenants, that affects health, mood, and perception as generally the home. Then let us take care of ourselves and our loved ones, creating a comfort zone, not only under special textures, but also by choosing organic materials. Our producers are equipped with high-tech equipment, which guarantees high quality of production and safety.

The harmonious combination of decorative tissue allow the client the selection of materials, by using the "design - unique offer of the booklet". In addition, all collections provide operational advantages: luxury decorative non-yellowing paper, does not burn, has a high resistance to mechanical damage, and compliance enforcement technology, the merging of the limits of decorative paper is practically avoidable.